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Diamonds & Jewelery

In an industry where trust and integrity are paramount, TaXpress leading role throughout the diamond and gemstone supply chain speaks volumes. Starting at mines through all the processes to polished stones,TaXpress has the expertise to support this ever-evolving marketplace. TaXpress offers management of the entire logistics process, including secure transportation from mines to dealers, polishers, manufacturers and wholesalers; shipments of rough and polished diamonds and gems to grading institutes (round trip or one way); and customs clearance and transport services.

Diamond & Jewelry Services:

- Low Value Parcel Shipping:
TaXpress Connect offers an end-to-end solution for the logistics and distribution of smaller parcels, ideal for distribution of small shipments to retail stores.
- Trade Show Services:
We help customers’ exhibit diamonds and jewelery at trade shows throughout the world, providing secure transportation, customs clearance, on-site assistance and overnight storage and pick-up during and after the show.
- Pick & Pack:
We will store your goods in our vaulted warehouse, releasing them according to your instructions, whether for hallmarking, distribution, or any other transportation need.
- Walk-In Service Centers:
Our window service provides faster service for your goods. Just bring your shipment to TaXpress as soon as it is ready; we will assume immediate responsibility so you can quickly move on to your next deal. TaXpress can also provide discreet work areas to allow you to conduct your business within our secure facility.
- Customs Clearance:
TaXpress can arrange for customs inspections and act as a liaison between you and government authorities to help clear your valuables and get them to you as quickly as possible.
- Kimberley Process:
As a part of the international community’s effort to stop the sale of rough diamonds to fund illegal activities, TaXpress is actively involved in upholding the Kimberley Process. We secure Kimberley Process Certificates on behalf of our customers and maintain a meticulous paper trail, carefully monitoring rough diamond traffic in an effort to ensure all shipments are compliant



In an industry where secure transportation from areas with accessibility issues is often key, our involvement throughout the mining logistical supply chain demonstrates our capabilities as a risk management provider.

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