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About TamiaXpress(TaXpress for short)

TamiaXpress also known as TaXpress is Sierra Leone leading and most recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. We consolidate the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point under our brand - allowing our customers to save time, trouble and money on all their logistics needs. We have been providing these services to businesses and consumers since 2010, including providing a whole range of value-add services such as packaging solutions.

There are many things that set us apart at TamiaXpress or TaXpress - but none more important than giving customers the power of choice. We service our customers through a national network of Retail Service Centres for customers to visit or call.

Changing Nature of Business

TamiaXpress or TaXpress participates in a high growth logistics services market. Technology and globalisation have re-shaped the way both businesses and people buy and send things. We have implemented advanced technology and business systems, physical points-of-presence and complete packaging and freight solutions to manage the growing demand of customers. Our unique set of capabilities and the company's strategic focus make us ideally positioned to enjoy strong future growth.

Warehousing and Distribution

An important stage in business growth is realising your volume of stock has outgrown your business premises and offsite

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